As women we have these expectations of ourselves to be consistent day in, day out.

We try to live our life in a male dominated world, where we push and strive, hustle and grind.

Where we fear stopping or pausing for a second, even when our bodies are screaming at us to do so. As a consequence so many of us are feeling stressed and burned out. We are suffering with our health, mentally & physically.

But we are not consistent. We are not linear. We are cyclical. We ebb and we flow. How we are and what we like this week is not the same as it was last week. And it’s definitely not the same that it will be next week.

We really have forgotten the power we have within us as women. We have forgotten how to connect with our body and how to sync with our cycle.

We need to reclaim the power that living in alignment provides us. And this is where it starts. With knowing the phases & Inner Seasons of our menstrual cycle.

This course is for you because...

  • You’re on a constant rollercoaster when it comes to your moods

  • You have no idea what is going on with your hormones

  • You struggled to understand the changes in your energy from day to day

  • You go from feeling in control of your life, health and fitness to feeling frustrated and confused

  • One day you feel confident & optimistic, the next inadequate and a fraud

  • You are feeling stressed and burned out

You will learn...

  • What body literacy is and how we can become more body literate

  • Which hormones are important for us to know & what the point of these hormones is

  • Strengths of the menstrual phase & vulnerabilities of the follicular phase

  • How we can get the most out of our Inner Summer

  • How we finish things literally & metaphorically in the Luteal phase

  • What transition days are, why they matter and how we can approach them

  • The first steps to take in getting to know our menstrual cycle

Course Content

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Important reminder

    • Before you begin...

  • 2

    Changing Perceptions & Embracing Our Feminine Nature

    • What to expect from this module

    • Limits are not limitations

    • Women are predictable & consistent

    • What is 'Body Literacy' and why it matters

    • Checkpoint: Embracing our feminine energy

    • Before continuing on...

  • 3

    Menstrual Cycle Phases: Inner Seasons

    • What to expect from this module

    • Introduction

    • Menstruation: Inner Winter

    • Follicular Phase: Inner Spring

    • Ovulation: Inner Summer

    • Luteal Phase: Inner Autumn

    • Transition Days

    • Checkpoint: Introducing the inner seasons

    • Download: The 4 phases of the MC

    • Before moving on...

  • 4

    Next Steps...

    • Getting To Know Your Cycle

    • How to figure out where you are in the cycle

    • Resources