I work with amazing women like you, who feel ‘crazy’ as they fluctuate daily between different thoughts, feelings, wants and needs. 

Women who wake up each morning and wonder what mood they’re going to be in, how much energy they’re going to have or whether they’ll have the motivation to tick off all the things on their to-do list. 

Women who have expectations of themselves to be consistent day in, day out, who fear stopping or resting even when their bodies are screaming at them to do so. 

Which is why I created Ebb & Flow so that I can teach you exactly what is going on with your body, mind & hormones, how to predict your mood, thoughts and motivation each day, and how to replenish your mental, physical, and emotional energy so that you can be more productive, creative and in control. 

  • Feel like you’re going crazy and get angry or upset when someone says “hormonal” or “time of the month”?

  • Want to know how to control those mood swings, dips in energy and lack of motivation?

  • Want to understand what’s going on with your mind, mood & hormones and why you feel like a different person from one week to the next

  • Tired of going 100mph on some days and then zero on others?

  • Trying to figure this whole ‘hormones’ thing out?

  • Feel like you just never stop but still don’t achieve what you want to?

  • Ready to finally break the pattern of self-sabotage, guilt and frustration?

  • Wonder what you need to do to get unstuck?

Imagine how good it will feel to realise that you’re not crazy after all and that everything you think, feel and experience is normal

To go from feeling frustrated, confused and overwhelmed to having confidence, understanding and a belief in yourself.


  • knowing what is going on when you feel ‘hormonal’ and what you can do about it

  • your relationships getting better as those around you understand what you are feeling, why it’s happening and what you need

  • being more consistent with your workouts and training plans

  • having the tools to make each day productive, creative and full of optimism

  • feeling connected to your body, your spirit and life’s cycles

  • knowing how to read your body and trust what it’s telling you

  • knowing how to plan your diary to suit the mood and energy you’ll be in on that day

  • finally understanding what the hell is going on and wishing you’d known this years ago

You’re an amazing woman who’s spinning a million different plates whilst navigating the daily hormonal changes of your menstrual cycle.

Despite trying to ignore what is happening, you are beginning to feel frustrated and burned out, and your health, well-being and relationships are suffering as a result.

Which is exactly why I created Ebb & Flow so that I can teach you how to replenish your mental, physical and emotional energy so that you can achieve your goals, build better relationships and create the ideal work/ life balance.

I created Ebb & Flow because I want you to realise that you’re not ‘crazy’. I want you to stop the vicious cycle of self-guilt, second guessing yourself and not feeling good enough, to having the missing puzzle pieces for your life that change everything

Sarah Keates Andrews

The last 2 decades I have coached thousands of women on how to improve their health and wellness. I am qualified in fitness and nutrition, sports massage, remedial therapy & biomechanics. And have spent the last 8 years specialising in hormonal health, perimenopause & menopause, female pelvic pain rehab and pre & post natal fitness.

This course includes:

  • Video Lessons

    Access to video lessons that teach you exactly what’s going on with your mind, mood & hormones so that you can improve your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • Downloadable Resources

    Downloadable resources and journal templates that you can use to track your menstrual cycle so that you can begin to predict your energy, mood and motivation, down to the day.

  • The Coaching Hub

    Access to The Coaching Hub, a private facebook group where you can get answers when you need them and connect with other women who already “get it” so that you will always have support without judgement.

  • Bonus Webinars & Workshops

    Bonus webinars and workshops that will deepen your understanding of your mind, mood and hormones so that you continue to learn and implement those in your life

  • A Whole New Outlook

    A whole new outlook on your body, your health and your hormones, allowing you to finally be the most authentic version of yourself.

I am mum to 2 boys, a wife, I run my own business, and I’m nearly 40 (a running joke in our house), which means that I understand how hard it is to keep all the plates spinning whilst navigating the daily hormonal changes that our menstrual cycle brings. 

So the knowledge and information I have gained over the last 8 years, that I have put into this course, has been a blessing for my own health & sanity just as much as it has for my clients!

And this is also why I know how important and life changing this course is. Because I have experienced it. And I continue to experience it, every single day. I just wish I’d known all this years ago!

You’re not crazy!

Everything you think, feel and experience is normal.

Finally understand what is going on with your body, mind, mood & hormones and how to make them work for you.

Coaching Testimonials

H.J. Wright

Well what can I say? This fabulous lady has helped me so much.  She was so kind and caring and listened to everything I was saying. She was thorough and completed a full holistic assessment to ensure she provided me with the treatment and advice I would need. I went away with advice treatment and felt fully supported knowing that if I ever need her she is always there.  Thank you for everything you did sarah 

M. Smith

To find words to describe Sarah and what she has helped me to achieve I am finding impossible. What an experience meeting Sarah was, I spent hours with her on my first visit. We discussed so much and assessed everything, no one had listened to me and told me in no uncertain terms that there was no reason I could not do everything I wanted. I left Sarah that evening feeling so excited. This was just the beginning…….. Sarah is massive ray of light when all you face is closed doors.

J. Holt

One word….superb! Sarah is very professional with a lovely, friendly manner who puts you at your ease and has a wealth of knowledgeable that she draws upon to treat your problem. She has also been very helpful regarding hormonal health when I have several questions about menopause issues and has offered sound advice about these. Thank you Sarah

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I enrol if I am on hormonal contraception?

    Although you will not experience the same ebb and flow as you would without hormonal contraception (most forms of hormonal contraception prevent ovulation), you can absolutely still take part and benefit from this course. We always work with the cycle that you do have and create self-care to support you.

  • I have an irregular cycle. Can I still benefit from this course?

    Absolutely! One of the things we cover in the course is how to detect ovulation so this can help you to monitor and support your menstrual health. And if your cycle is highly irregular or you do not menstruate then you can work with the lunar (moon) cycle to which mirrors that of your hormone cycle.

  • I think I am peri-menopausal. Can I still benefit from this course?

    Yes! Perimenopause is a huge physiological and emotional and transition for the body. Getting to know your cycle before and during this transition can bring about understanding, self-compassion and self-care practices that support where you are right now. If your are menopausal , you can use the lunar cycle as the anchor and then work with the body to live in a more cyclical way.

  • I have some more question. How do I get in touch?

    Please contact me at hello@sarahkeatesandrews.com if you have any questions, requests or anything at all. We can speak over email, over the phone or via zoom.

Course Content

  • 1


    • Welcome

    • Important reminder

    • Limits are not limitations

    • Women are predictable & consistent

    • What is 'Body Literacy' and why it matters

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    Introducing The Inner Seasons

    • Welcome to 'The Inner Seasons'

    • Introduction to the phases of the menstrual cycle

    • Menstruation: Inner Winter

    • Follicular Phase: Inner Spring

    • Ovulation: Inner Summer

    • Luteal Phase: Inner Autumn

    • Getting to know your transition days

    • Approaching transition days

    • Resources & Course Notes

    • Checkpoint: Introducing the inner seasons

    • Module wrap up

  • 3

    Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle

    • Welcome to ‘Tracking Your Menstrual Cycle'

    • Tracking irregular cycles or missing periods

    • Basic tracking

    • Tracking your 4 bodies

    • Identifying strengths, vulnerabilities & needs

    • Tracking tools

    • Introduction to advanced tracking

    • Charting your Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

    • Monitoring your cervical position

    • Tracking your cervical mucus (CM)

    • Resources & Course Notes

    • Checkpoint: Tracking your menstrual cycle

    • Module wrap up

  • 4

    Menstruation - Your Inner Winter

    • Welcome to ‘Menstruation - Your Inner Winter'

    • Introduction to the Menstrual Phase

    • The strengths of the Menstrual Phase

    • The dangers of the Menstrual Phase

    • Get the most out of the Menstrual Phase

    • Resources & Course Notes

    • Checkpoint: Menstruation - Your Inner Winter

    • Module wrap up

  • 5

    Follicular Phase - Your Inner Spring

    • Welcome to 'Follicular Phase - Your Inner Spring'

    • The strengths of the Follicular Phase

    • The dangers of the Follicular Phase

    • Get the most out of the Follicular Phase

    • Resources & Course Notes

    • Checkpoint: Follicular Phase - Your Inner Spring

    • Module wrap up

  • 6

    Ovulation - Your Inner Summer

    • Welcome to 'Ovulation - Your Inner Summer'

    • Introduction to the Ovulatory Phase

    • The strengths of the Ovulatory Phase

    • The dangers of the Ovulatory Phase

    • Get the most out of the Ovulatory Phase

    • Resources & Course Notes

    • Checkpoint: Ovulation - Your Inner Summer

    • Module wrap up

  • 7

    Luteal Phase - Your Inner Autumn

    • Welcome to 'Luteal Phase - Your Inner Autumn'

    • Introduction To The Luteal Phase

    • The Strengths Of The Luteal Phase

    • The Dangers Of The Luteal Phase

    • Get The Most Out Of The Luteal Phase

    • Resources & Course Notes

    • Checkpoint: Luteal Phase - Your Inner Autumn

    • Module wrap up

  • 8

    Sync With Your Cycle: Food & Exercise

    • What to expect from this module

    • Food

    • Exercise

    • Checkpoint: Food & Exercise

  • 9

    Sync With Your Cycle: Sex & Relationships

    • What to expect from this module

    • Sex & relationships

    • Checkpoint: Sex & relationships

  • 10

    Sync With Your Cycle: Lifestyle & Career

    • What to expect from this module

    • Lifestyle & Career

    • Checkpoint: Lifestyle & Career

  • 11

    Next Steps

    • Next Steps

    • Resources

    • Bonus